Wanglong Chemicals






About us

Wanglong Chemicals is a Leading Group Company in China specializing in the producing and supplying of Food Ingredients, Industrial chemicals, Biological products, Natural extracted products, Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates Etc.

We have the best advantage in supplying chemical products especially in SORBIC ACID and POTASSIUM SORBATE as one of the biggest producer for these items in the world with annual Capacity of 10,000MT sorbic acid and 6,000MT potassium sorbate. Products are conforms to FCC, BP, EP, E200, E202 and USP standard. Certified by ISO9001(2000)Quality system and HACCP, meantime, we have Kosher passover certificate. Our export has been covers over 40 countries and regions of the world!

We have the professional export experience in Chemical products and natural products, if you need any products, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

Meantime, we are also dealing with import business, if you interested in co-operating with our company, please contact us.